Submitted by jhall on Mon, 02/04/2019 - 11:29

Brush up on your descriptive veterinary pathology skills in a supportive and collegiate environment, with some brand new lectures bringing some fresh approaches to teaching descriptive techniques. 

Lectures, active learning exercises, and mock examinations will be presented during a week long course. This course is designed to teach attendees how to describe gross and microscopic lesions in a variety of major organs in numerous animal species. Both written and oral descriptive techniques will be taught. The course will also include the correlation of gross, microscopic, and ultrastructural lesion as well as immunohistochemistry in the context of interpretation-style questions.

Practice tests (gross/interpretation and microscopic) will be given and graded to provide feedback. 

Microscopes will be provided (or you may bring your own), and gross lesions will be demonstrated by means of digital images. 

For more course information, and to register, please see the ASVP website (click here). 

Venue: Taronga Zoo, Sydney